Epic Refuel Wave 2

The Epic Refuel Wave 2 went live yesterday, March 13. A number of enhancements and changes were introduced affecting providers. Highlights are below. Any questions regarding these changes may be directed to Michelle Wu, one of our IT Clinical Education Coordinators, at michelle.wu@ehmchealth.org. Auto discontinue Activity, Weight-bearing and lifting orders: Activity, Weightbearing and lifting orders […]

Installing Haiku/Canto on Your Mobile Devices and Tablets

Epic’s mobile application for your Apple or Android smartphone (Haiku) and iPad (Canto) can be installed on your own device. This feature is available for providers. With these apps, you’ll be able to review encounters, scheduled visits, patient lists, past notes, and lab results; capture clinical images; and e-prescribe and approve or refuse patient refills. […]

Epic Refuel Project: Updates for Providers

Epic Refuel Wave 1 go-live starts February 5, and will include many improvements based on valuable physician input and feedback. As part of the organizational commitment to optimize the EH Epic system, a series of upgrades will be rolled out over the next year as part of the Epic Refuel. Many of these changes are […]