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Sports Injuries and Pain Program on June 11

Sports Injuries and Pain Program

Englewood Health will be hosting an educational event next week focused on issues surrounding student athletes’ sports injuries. The event is open to parents, students, teachers, sports coaches and general community members in Northern New Jersey. Attendees will:

  • Meet experts in physical therapy, pain management, orthopedics, and substance use.
  • Learn about the risks of prolonged or excessive use of pain medications, alternatives to opioids, preventing sports injuries, and recovering from opioid use disorders.
  • Attend NarcanĀ® training session to learn about identifying and preventing an opioid overdose. Fifty eligible attendees to receive Narcan kits that can save the life of someone experiencing an opioid overdose.
  • Participate in break-out sessions designed for youth/students, parents, and professionals.

A light meal will be provided and the event is free to attend.

The event is presented by The Gregory P. Shadek Behavioral Care Center at Englewood Health, in collaboration with several other organizations.

Download flyer or visit event listing to RSVP.