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Safely Ordering MRI for Patients with Implanted Devices

Radiology and Cardiology have created a task force to establish safe protocols for MRI procedures in patients with implanted pacemakers and ICDs. Newer “MRI-conditional” pacemakers and ICDs are engineered to permit safe imaging, and with necessary precautions it is also possible to safely image older MRI-non-conditional device patients under most circumstances.

Before MR imaging can be scheduled for either conditional or non-conditional device patients, a consultation must be performed by the device specialist who has been following the patient to determine whether imaging can be performed safely. If the patient is followed at an outside hospital, an Englewood device specialist will need to perform a consultation, since for higher risk patients, the patient’s device specialist must be available in-hospital for the scan.

A good deal of effort and substantial additional resources are required to make MRI scanning safe in these patients. MRI studies should thus be limited to those where alternate imaging modalities cannot provide adequate information for clinical decision making.

The following device specialists at Englewood are qualified to complete an evaluation and write specific orders for MRI scanning of their device patients. Please contact any of these physicians with questions or for a consultation with a patient.

  • Joshua Balog
  • Walter Berkowitz
  • Asad Cheema
  • Jay Erlebacher
  • David Feigenblum
  • Alex Kasatkin
  • Jeffrey Matican
  • Dmitry Nemirovsky
  • Grant Simons
  • Sam Suede
  • Satish Tyyagura