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RapidAI Stroke Imaging Platform Now Live

We are excited to introduce a new stroke imaging platform that went live at Englewood on Monday, December 6. The platform—called RapidAI—combines advanced imaging and workflow improvements to help physicians make timely decisions regarding stroke treatment. By using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), we can provide better, quicker care to patients and determine who would benefit from neurointerventional treatment.

RapidAI software auto-processes the following relevant stroke imaging studies and protocols:

  • Critical CT head without contrast (neuro thrombo/acute stroke)
  • CTA neck with contrast (neuro/stroke)*
  • CTA head with contrast (neuro/stroke)*
  • CT quantitative neuro*

*For patients with large vessel occlusions who may benefit from thrombectomy.

These new orders for stat stroke CTA head/neck require an indication in order to better interpret the study.  After analyzing the images, the results will be available in PACS. In addition, the stroke and imaging teams have access to the RapidAI Mobile App and email results. If you would like access, please reach out to Terell Bridges, x2103.

Support During Go-Live (December 6th) and Beyond

Go-live support, as well as ongoing support, is available through RapidAI.

  • For urgent issues, call 650-388-9767 ext 2. (24/7 answering service with rapid call-back response)
  • For non-urgent issues, email

The following internal resources are also available for general questions:

  • IT Service Desk, x3483
  • Donna Gallagher, Sr. Director, Imaging and Procedural Services, x3341
  • Terell Bridges, System Administrator, x2103 

RapidAI Reference Materials

RapidAI offers the following training materials (click the link to access the material):