Leadership Message

Physician Leadership Update: A Message from Warren Geller

Dear Colleagues:

Keeping patients safe is at the core of everything we do at Englewood Health — from the cutting-edge high-quality clinical care we deliver to our resolute efforts to improve effective communication and reduce infections. As we consistently strive for excellence, we continue to embrace opportunities to improve. Identifying those opportunities and taking action requires engagement throughout our health system and working across disciplines. At times, significant issues may need to be escalated through the chain of command. As many new providers have recently joined our staff, I am taking this opportunity to recirculate the attached chain of command policy and emphasize two key messages:

  1. All members of our staff are empowered and obligated to activate the chain of command when there is an identified concern or patient safety issue they have been unable to resolve themselves.
  2. No action shall be taken against a member of our staff for activating the chain of command.

Over the past year, we have had some leadership transitions that directly impact the physician chain of command. Please note our current physician leadership structure:

  • James McGinty, MD, Chief of Surgery and Surgical Services, is the point of escalation for all issues related to the operating room and perioperative services, as well as clinical issues involving surgery, including the surgical departments and subspecialties, and anesthesiology that have not been able to be resolved at the departmental or section level.
  • Alexa Gottdiener, MD, Chief of Medicine, continues as the point of escalation for all issues related to internal medicine and the medical subspecialties.
  • Hillary Cohen, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs, is the point of escalation for Drs. McGinty and Gottdiener and all other department chiefs including OBGYN, Pediatrics, Radiology, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Pathology, and Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Cohen also remains the Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine.
  • Stephen Brunnquell, MD, President of EHPN, is the point of escalation for any issues directly related to EHPN. In addition to his supportive role for the EHPN staff, as a member of the senior leadership team and past president of the medical staff, Dr. Brunnquell is an additional valuable resource for any members of the Englewood Health team.

All of our physician leaders work in close partnership with Mark Sapienza, MD, President of the Medical Staff; the Medical Executive Committee; department and section chiefs; nursing and other hospital disciplines, and the senior leadership team on a range of matters impacting patient care and the medical staff. Everything we do is for the patients in the communities we serve. We stand together as one team in our commitment to patient safety and quality, and I thank you for being part of our team.

With warm regards,

Warren Geller
President and CEO
Englewood Health