Information Technology

New Tool in Epic Makes It Easier to Request IT Help

To make it more efficient for providers to report issues while using Epic, a new “Help Desk” button has been added to the Epic toolbar. Because the feature is built into Epic, detailed information about the issue including screenshots will automatically be routed to the service team. 

The Help Desk button is always visible within the red toolbar, so providers can report issues immediately when they occur, which can lead to more accurate and complete descriptions. For urgent issues that may impact patient care, please continue to call the Service Desk’s provider line, 201-894-3911 or ext. 3911 from an internal phone line.

Responses to reported tickets will be based on the criticality of the problem reported. For example, requests for a new tool will be considered an optimization request and will not be addressed as quickly as an issue such as not being able to document on a patient.

Download tipsheet for more information

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