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New CPT Code for Anticoagulation Management

In 2018, a new CPT code was added for anticoagulation management. The code is 93793. This code has an active status in the Medicare Fee schedule with an RVU value of 0.18.

93793 anticoagulation management for patients taking warfarin must include review and interpretation of a new home, office, or lab international normalized ratio (INR) test results, patient instructions, dosage adjustment (as needed), and scheduling of additional test(s), when performed.

93793 is payment for managing patients taking warfarin. It includes the review and interpretation of a new lab test done in the home, office or lab. The dosage does not need to be changed in order to report 93793. It is for a new test result meaning if the patient comes in and there is no change you can still bill CPT 93793 in addition to your Prothrombin time CPT code 85610.

You cannot bill an E/M on the same day.

A face-to-face visit is not required for billing.


Patient comes into the office for PT INR blood draw. MA draws blood and presents results to the provider. The provider then reviews and provides the MA with instructions for the patient. The MA gives the patient provider’s instructions and starts the note for the provider.  The provider documents INR findings and results and signs off on note for billing.


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