Information Technology, Leadership Message

Message from Warren Geller Regarding IT Issues

Dear Colleagues,

I want to thank everyone for your patience and support over the past several days as we experienced a significant technology infrastructure failure that impacted nearly all systems and applications. At this time, most systems are up and running, though there are some remaining issues actively being addressed.

The cause of the outage appears to stem from multiple failures of our hardware. Maintaining the integrity and security of our systems is critical to our ability to care for patients and the community. We are working with external experts to assist us in the investigation and help ensure something similar will not happen again. We have closely monitored all incoming and outgoing network traffic and are confident that no data has been lost or breached.

Our IT team has been working around the clock since last week on this issue, and I am very thankful for their efforts to get us back up and running safely. I also want to thank everyone for your
commitment to ensuring patient safety and continuity of care during a challenging time, and to everyone who volunteered to work in the Command Center. Finally, a thank you to the entire team for your assistance in the recovery process, as we continue to care for our community while catching up from this unplanned downtime. Once recovery is complete, we will be seeking your input to learn from this unfortunate incident to continue to improve our downtime policy and practices and to enhance our disaster response efforts.

Warren Geller
President and CEO