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Integrative Medicine Update

October Programs for Patients Interested in Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine has released its fall calendar of events and services. Among the programs is a lecture on October 1 specifically for anyone interested in learning how foods can help decrease risk for diseases like breast cancer. In addition, the Graf Center will hold supermarket tours later in the month on the same topic. Providers and practices are encouraged to share this information with patients (download flyer) and can contact Dr. Tracy Scheller, medical director of integrative medicine, with any questions.

Integrative Medicine Consults Available in Epic

As part of the recent Epic enhancements, providers can now order an integrative medicine consultation in Epic. The procedure code is REF39 (Ambulatory Referral to Integrative Medicine).
Integrative medical consultations, which are provided by Dr. Tracy Scheller at the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine, aim to identify underlying causes of illness rather than just managing the symptoms. These medical consultations are a different approach to looking at the whole person in an in-depth way, considering dietary habits, family history, environmental and lifestyle factors, interpersonal relationships, and stressors at home and work. Medical consultations are typically covered by insurance.

Screenshot of Ambulatory Referral to Integrative Medicine in Epic