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Upcoming Epic Changes for Providers

Beginning June 20, a feature of Epic called “Happy Together” goes live. Happy Together creates a single interwoven chart across Epic and other EHRs to improve patient care. As part of our Refuel project, we’ve enabled the ability to view encounters from organizations that we connect with via Care Everywhere alongside our own encounters in Chart Review. This update provides clinicians with a broader view of their patients’ care. In most cases, you will see the type of encounter/note, such as Office Visit or CCD (Continuity of Care Document). In few cases, you may see “unknown” as the encounter type, but will see the description of the visit and can view the details in the chart. Any encounter info coming from JHC (Jersey Health Connect) will remain solely in the Care Everywhere activity.

To use Happy Together:

  1. Enable/Disable Care Everywhere encounters in Chart Review
  2. Outside notes (other than those in Jersey Health Connect records) will show up in the record. A red “e” icon in the visit preview row identifies outside encounters.
  3. Continue to use the Care Everywhere activity to access Jersey Health Connect encounters

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Epic Refuel Wave 4

Epic Refuel Wave 4 begins Tuesday, June 25. Providers can expect to see the following changes:

  • Notewriter for inpatient care and procedures: For History & Physical, Consult and Progress notes, the provider will be able to use the NoteWriter functionality via the NoteWriter button in Notes activity. For any procedures performed at the bedside, the provider will be required to use the NoteWriter functionality to document a note which will include the universal protocol.
  • Level of Care question to replace Bed Type question in the Admitting order: When admitting a patient, the Bed Type question will be replaced by the Level of Care question in the Admitting order.
  • Sepsis Best Practice Advisory: A new BPA has been built to capture high risk patients for sepsis.
    • The BPA will appear if the sepsis predictive model score meets the appropriate threshold
    • The BPA will not appear if there is a lactic acid performed in the last 24 hours
    • The BPA will not appear if there is an order from the EHMC Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock 3 & 6 Hr Bundle Treatment order set in the last 24 hours
    • The BPA will not appear if patient is deceased

To learn more, download the Wave 4 Update guide.

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