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Epic Update: A Message from Helene Wolk, SVP Operations

Helene WolkSince we began using Epic in March 2018, Englewood Health has seen a transformation in how we provide care to patients. The system has lived up to our high expectations and ambitious goals—and it’s only getting better. After being live on Epic for more than a year, we are now on the tail end of a “refuel” project. Over the course of four refuel waves, we have introduced hundreds of enhancements both small and large across all Epic apps.

Many of the recent and upcoming changes to Epic functionality were based on the input of physicians, nurses, managers, techs, registrars, and other users. Of course, we can’t make every change that was suggested, so we’ve prioritized two reasons for changes: patient safety and efficiency for users. I hope that you, as a user of Epic, have experienced the benefits of the enhancements so far.

The first three waves are behind us and the final wave begins on June 25. After the waves end, the next big change will come in September—an upgrade to a newer version of the Epic software. Many of the nearly 1,500 changes are significant, so we’ll again have a strong training and education plan to help users. Our super users, who have been a tremendous help these past two years, will again be there to support us all.

To help keep you informed, we’ll send out a monthly newsletter update (via EH Broadcast Notifications) and will communicate changes, training requirements, and other details in various ways.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing commitment to the best possible patient care and helping us achieve the most we can from this incredible tool.

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