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Epic Refuel Wave 3 Begins April 29: What’s Changing for Providers?

Wave 3 of the Epic Refuel project begins next Monday, April 29. Here are eight changes and enhancements that providers will see:

  1. Blood Administration: Providers would no longer need to choose the number of units for nursing Transfuse XMatched order. It will automatically default to the units ordered.
  2. Blood Component BPA: To reduce blood transfusions, a new Best Practice Advisory (BPA) will be triggered when a blood component is ordered for a patient who does not meet criteria.
  3. Discharge Summary: Providers would no longer need to choose between the different discharge note types. There will only be one Discharge Summary note type.
  4. Discharged Diagnosis Association: Nursing discharge orders would no longer need diagnosis association during discharge order entry.
  5. EMS Charts: Charts from emsCharts will be available in Epic once EMS/Medics have completed their documentation. These records can be found in Chart Review > Notes > Emergency Medical Services.
  6. Sepsis Best Practice Advisory (BPA): A new BPA has been built to capture high-risk patients for sepsis.
    • The BPA will appear if the sepsis predictive model score meets the appropriate threshold.
    • The BPA will not appear if there is a lactic acid performed in the last 24 hours.
    • The BPA will not appear if there is an order from the EHMC Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock 3 & 6 Hr Bundle Treatment order set in the last 24 hours
    • The BPA will not appear if patient is deceased.
  7. Share Everywhere: Patients will be able to share their medical record with anyone (including doctor, school nurse, physical therapist, etc.) via a MyChart code which will give temporary access to patient’s information.
  8. Suggested diagnosis: If a patient meets criteria for Acute Kidney Injury, Heart Failure, Respiratory Failure, Severe Protein Calorie Malnutrition or Morbid Obesity, the system is going to suggest adding ICD-10 codes to the problem list in the Admission navigator.

For more information on these changes, review the Inpatient Provider Updates for Epic Refuel documentation.


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