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Epic Refuel Wave 2

The Epic Refuel Wave 2 went live yesterday, March 13. A number of enhancements and changes were introduced affecting providers. Highlights are below. Any questions regarding these changes may be directed to Michelle Wu, one of our IT Clinical Education Coordinators, at

  1. Auto discontinue Activity, Weight-bearing and lifting orders: Activity, Weightbearing and lifting orders will auto discontinue when new order is entered.
  2. Case Request: Surgeons will be able to enter an order to request for the case to be scheduled in the OR
  3. Charge Capture Activity Diagnosis Settings: The Principal Hospital Problem will auto default when associating a diagnosis in the Charge Capture
  4. Filtered Warnings: Similar to the way that you can block pop-up windows on a website or mobile device, you can selectively filter certain medication interaction warnings. For example, when a drug-drug interaction warning appears for warfarin and sertraline, you can click the “Don’t Show This Warning” button to block all future drug-drug warnings between warfarin and serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The same warning will not be shown for any patients for 90 days, upon which you will have to renew the filter.
  5. Foundation Patient Summary Reports: There will be two new Summary Reports, Anticoagulation Management and Apnea and Bradycardia Reports
  6. Hospital Course Section: Providers will be able to keep a running summary of the patient’s admission
  7. MyChart result information in Chart Review: Lab tab in Chart Review will have a new column which will indicate if the patient has viewed his/her result
  8. Order contexts for Sign and Held orders: The providers will be required to select an order context for pre-op phase of care orders
  9. Order set suggestions: Order sets will be suggested based on Specialty and Navigator
  10. Physician Default in the Order Releaser activity: Signed and Held tab will default to Physician Default view to make editing simpler
  11. Remind me button: The providers will be able to write reminder messages to themselves which will be able in the InBasket
  12. Restrict Discharge Order Set: Discharge order sets will only be available via the discharge navigator
  13. Results Release Optimization: Sensitive results will now be released in 7 days (previously it was 14 days)
  14. Sidebar for CDI Queries: CDI Queries will be on the sidebar for the providers to address easily
  15. Streamline Rounding Charge Entry: Providers will be able to see notes with no charges and also copy previously entered charges for the current encounter

More information regarding these changes are provided under the Epic tab on the ePortal home screen (click here for direct access from an on-network device). In addition, this information will also be available in your IP/OP Training Dashboard in Epic.

How to access the  IP/OP Training Dashboard.

1. Log into Epic

2. Click on the Dashboard start up activity

3. Click on select dashboard icon

4. Select EHMC IP/OP Training Dashboard

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