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Epic, IT Outages, and Business Continuity — Updates for the EHPN Practices

As we all remember, our offices acted heroically earlier this year when our Epic system was unavailable due to the IT outage. The outage opened our eyes and led to many questions from our practices on what to do when there is a system outage. In physician offices, we have a higher risk of the system being down, solely due to the fact that we rely on simple internet service providers to provide our final mile coverage and something as common as a downed tree can cause a localized issue.

We have created a three-tier system of migration tools to help keep your offices up and running along with a system to help us provide the best patient care in a simple and high-quality method.

From a high level, over the next 90 days we will be configuring a computer in each office as a downtime computer. This will allow any office with electrical power to be able to access patient records and schedules. Along with this computer, we will be providing a simple binder with an easy-to-follow protocol as well as the forms needed for use during downtime.

As we roll out these computers, we will meet with all of the office managers to ensure the offices understand how the downtime system works. We will also conduct monthly testing.

We will share more details as they become available. For those who want a sneak peek of the three environments we have created, please continue below.

Support Read Only (SRO)

SRO is a read-only version of Epic, functioning very similar to the production environment including screen navigation. This environment will contain the latest information including results, orders, and medications up to the time the production environment became unavailable. This read-only environment will not interface results and doesn’t produce real-time updates. No documentation should be done, as it’s a reference environment to access the entire patient chart during downtime. For this reason, each unit should use their approved paper charting if the Hyperspace production is not available.


There is no Epic functionality with BCA Web; it is simply a collection of reports customized for each department. Once you select the icon, you must log in and locate the report for your department. This report is generated and saved on a regular basis, but it may have been an hour or more since the report for your area was last updated. These reports are intended to give a snapshot of the practice census with minimal but adequate information for the continued care and safety of our patients. Each practice should use their approved paper charting if the Hyperspace production environment and the SRO environment are not available.


There is no Epic functionality with BCA PC. The purpose is to store (on the computer’s hard drive) a frequently updated report customized for the unit/practice. The data is the same as that on BCA Web. However, it is a local copy on a computer allowing access to the system even when there is no internet access.

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