Englewood Health Physician Network, Quality and Population Health

EHPN News in Brief: February 27, 2019

From Dr. Stephen Brunnquell, EHPN President

  • Save the Date – May 1 Business Meeting. We will discuss important information at our spring business meeting, including a change in the Quality component of most doctor’s contracts. From the very first day of EHPN (Oct 1, 2011) there has a Quality component to our compensation. Most often it is $3/RVU, sometimes a percentage, but about the same dollars. The language in the contract refers to a Quality program to be determined. Under Dr. Lane Benoff’s leadership, I believe we are close to a real Quality Program. The goal of the program is to increase our quality scores, which in turn will improve our patients’ health.Our Quality staff is working on the measures each will be responsible for. They are chosen according to specialty and how we are rated by various agencies. Starting July 1, the established quality dollars will be paid just as they always have been. There will be extra incentives to increase your scores. Coaching will be provided if your scores are low. Our desire is for everyone to do well. At some point, the quality dollars will be somewhat at risk. This is only fair, since our scores affect all of us. Over $1 million was left on the table due to our quality scores in 2016 for Medicare Shared Savings. If some colleagues drag us down because of their lack of effort, why should all pay the price? Again, the goal is every everyone to succeed, because then the scores will have risen. More importantly, our patients will get the care they deserve. All of this is in development now and will be presented at the dinner meeting on May 1.
  • Diabetes and Behavioral Health Update: CPC+ has enabled us to provide diabetic nurse educators to help our diabetics and pre-diabetics as well as LCSWs who provide psychotherapy. They are located at various primary care offices, but are not specific to that practice. Ask your office manager about making appointments for either professional where there are open appointments.
  • MyChart: Activation of patients’ MyChart accounts is growing, but we can still do better. In the end this will save us time as well as our staff time. Patients seem to like it a lot! Please encourage them to sign up!
  • Cliffside Park: Our new multispecialty care practice will open March 1 thanks to Mark Hari from Facilities and Moishe Singer, Primary Care Senior Director. See schedule.
  • Epic. 98% of EHPN will be on Epic by April 1 so that we can truly (almost) say we have a single medical record.