Englewood Health Physician Network

EHPN News in Brief: April 10, 2019

  • May 2 Business Meeting: You should have received an invitation to this important EHPN Business Meeting, where Warren Geller will be speaking. Please make every effort to attend.
  • Quality Initiative: At the May 2 meeting, we will also launch our quality initiative. The demand for quality scores for the work we do is now is almost universal. It is available to the public on the Physician Compare website. Our system scores are also publicly reportable. And most of our payers (including Medicare) have both bonuses and penalties for not meeting expectations. Therefore, like it or not, we need to do this. We will be discussing what measures each of us is responsible for and how to achieve them. Much of the work is done by the medical assistant, but we need to be aware of what they should be doing and be sure it is in our notes. We will have our own system of carrots and sticks to get this job done!
  • Peter Kaye, MD, has joined EPHN. Dr. Kaye is a colorectal surgeon and will be practicing in the Berrie Center, 6th floor. READ MORE ABOUT DR. KAYE >
  • Medicare Shared Savings: We are still waiting for some roster verifications hope to have checks in May. More to come.