Dept of Medicine’s Dr. Corina Cristescu and Dr. Phillip Kanemo Receive ‘You Make the Difference’ Award

At the recent “You Make the Difference” award ceremony, Corina Cristescu, MD, Hospitalist/Clinical Educator, and Phillip Kanemo, MD, Medical Resident, were recognized by colleagues in Nursing for making a difference to their patients, co-workers, and the Englewood Health community.

YMTD Fall 2019 Dr. Cristescu

Dr. Cristescu was nominated by Yu Wen, RN, 2 Kaplen. In her nomination, Yu wrote, in part, “Dr. Cristescu is one of the most caring doctors I have ever worked with in my entire nursing career. She is very compassionate. Whenever she comes to see patients, she calls the nurses to find out how is the patient doing, including detailed info. She discusses with the nurses and family about the plan of care and she respects nurses’ opinions.

YMTD Fall 2019 Dr. Kanemo

Dr. Kanemo was nominated by Donna Hennessy, RN, Radiation Oncology, for one particular act he performed with a patient having a severe panic attack. Upon noticing the patient was wearing a cross, Dr. Kanemo asked the patient to pray with him. Donna wrote, “I have been a nurse here for almost 27 years and I must say that that was one of the most genuine, heart-warming things I have ever seen. It actually brought tears to my eyes.”

In addition to Drs. Cristescu and Kanemo, five other employees were recognized by their colleagues at the award ceremony: Nelio Abdon, RN, 8 Dean; Jayne Depalma, EHPN – Hematology Oncology Physicians of Englewood; Anita Franzetti, Human Resources; Mary Ellen Garrity, RN, Labor and Delivery; and Ashlee Howard, RN, Bloodless Medicine.