Alcohol Withdrawal Order Set Now Live

The alcohol withdrawal order set went live last month in Epic. To access the order set, search using any of the following terms in the orders tab: Alcohol Withdrawal CIWA Chlordiazepoxide or Librium Lorazepam or Ativan The order set requires providers to select a treatment regimen based on the CIWA score at the time of […]

RapidAI Stroke Imaging Platform Now Live

We are excited to introduce a new stroke imaging platform that went live at Englewood on Monday, December 6. The platform—called RapidAI—combines advanced imaging and workflow improvements to help physicians make timely decisions regarding stroke treatment. By using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), we can provide better, quicker care to patients and determine who would benefit […]

December 8th Is the Deadline for Completing Charting Deficiencies

As year-end is quickly approaching, our Health Information Management department must code and bill as many cases as possible by December 8th in order for the hospital to recover payment in 2021. We are requesting that all physicians access the Chart Completion folders in their InBaskets and complete all documentation deficiencies immediately, whether delinquent (noted […]

C. Difficile Testing Reminders for Medical Staff

Reducing hospital-onset C. difficile is an important focus of our infection prevention efforts. Over the past several years, a multidisciplinary team has developed and implemented action plans encompassing hand hygiene, contact precautions, appropriate use of antibiotics (notably fluoroquinolones), and testing. That last piece—testing—warrants some reminders. Please remember the key points below, and refer to the […]