New Requirements for Orders of Advanced Imaging Procedures

Message from Mark Shapiro, MD, Chief of Radiology Effective January 1, 2020, federal regulations require all providers to consult a CMS-approved Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM) when ordering certain imaging studies. CDSMs are electronic portals that access appropriate use criteria (AUC) and are being mandated by the federal government in an effort to improve quality […]

The Importance of Proper HCC Coding

The Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) risk adjustment scoring model is used by CMS and other payers to estimate the annual healthcare costs for beneficiaries, whether in Traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage programs. The results directly impact the reimbursement to the health system. HCC scoring assigns a Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score to each diagnosis code […]

Summary of EHPN Fall 2019 Business Meeting

The EHPN Fall Business Meeting was held on September 26, 2019. The following summary is provided by Stephen Brunnquell, MD, EHPN President. 1. Roster of EHPN up to 449 providers. New members were introduced. Volumes up 14% Almost 2,000,000 RVUs by year-end Volumes for ancillary services have prompted 7-day-a-week service in ultrasound, echocardiogram and MRI […]

EHPN News in Brief: July 31, 2019

Updates from Dr. Stephen Brunnquell, EHPN President EHPN Breakfasts: Starting in September, look for monthly breakfasts for new providers in EHPN. These will be held to introduce EHPN to new doctors and other providers. As we have become a true network, we need to share this concept and how it has made patient care better. There […]

EHPN News in Brief: July 17, 2019

Updates from Dr. Stephen Brunnquell, EHPN President New Physicians We welcomed Dr. Molly Schultheis to the cardiothoracic team on Monday, July 15. She is the first female CT surgeon in NJ, and we are thrilled to have her in our network. We are delighted to be working on getting our friends at Englewood Orthopedics ready […]

EHPN Expands Psychotherapy Services

Englewood Health has hired a sixth LCSW to provide one-on-one psychotherapy services to patients. Judy Hart joins the existing team of social workers — Ana Gil, Kyle Mack, Toby Tider, Toni Shy, and Yael Yankelewitz. Appointments are available for EHPN patients as well as the general community dealing with common mental health conditions, including depression, […]

EHPN News in Brief: July 3, 2019

News in Brief from Dr. Stephen Brunnquell, EHPN President Dr. Steven Wang, Skilled Nursing Facility Specialist I am pleased to announce our first SNFist (skilled nursing facility specialist). Dr. Steven Wang is an internist who has completed a geriatrics fellowship and joined us July 1. I am excited about this latest development, as it helps […]

Epic Helps Providers Refer Smokers to Resources

A new enhancement in Epic helps identify patients at high risk for lung cancer and refer them to smoking cessation and a lung CT scan. In the ambulatory setting, medical assistants should document a patient’s relevant smoking history, including number of cigarettes per day and how many years they’ve smoked. This documentation occurs in the […]

Online Appointment Booking Goes Live

As part of the Epic enhancements and to improve access for patients, online appointment booking for many tests is now available to patients. Previously, patients could book these services online only if they were existing patients already with a MyChart account. Now anyone, including a patient who has never before used Englewood’s services, can book […]