‘Lifesavers Awards’ Celebrate EMS, ED Teams

Earlier this month, the hospital hosted the Lifesavers Awards to recognize the work of EMS, the Emergency Department, and other providers involved in the emergency care of patients. The event highlighted five teams for their efforts responding to specific patient emergencies, with awards presented by EMS and ED leadership. Patient Story #1 While on a […]

Epic Best Practice Advisory (BPA) Pop-up for Heart Failure Patients

For patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), a new pop-up BPA (screenshot below) will go into effect on Monday, December 23, to help remind providers to order the following guideline-based heart failure medications: Beta-blocker Ace-inhibitor or an alternative including ARB, ARNI, or Hydralazine plus nitrate Spironolactone Diuretic The CHF BPA will appear on day 3 […]

Recap from Dr. Brower’s ‘State of the Cancer Center’ 2019

Dr. Steven Brower, Medical Director of The Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center, delivered his annual State of the Cancer Center presentation yesterday (download slides). Here are some highlights from his presentation: Screening The low-dose CT scan program for the early detection of lung cancer has conducted 1601 scans since 2014 and has diagnosed […]

Reminders About Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders

Please review the EH DNR Policy (100.29) and note the following: Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders may be issued where a reasonable option exists on medical grounds not to choose to institute CPR in the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) includes measures to restore cardiac function and/or support ventilation as per the […]

Explaining to Patients Why They Don’t Need Antibiotics for Flu or a Cold

It’s that time of year when many patients come to the office with the flu or a cold. As part of Englewood Health’s antibiotic stewardship program, the Infectious Disease team reminds providers that antibiotics should not be prescribed for the cold or the flu, which are both viral infections. Antibiotic-resistant germs kill more than 23,000 […]

EH Leaders Attend Press Ganey Patient Experience Conference

Earlier this month, a number of Englewood Health representatives, including Barbara Grygotis, acting Senior Director of Nursing – Med/Surg and Administrative Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Sherri Ozawa, Senior Director of Patient and Family Engagement, attended the Press Ganey National Client and Executive Leadership Conference held in Orlando, Florida. This conference is the largest and […]